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"Contour Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Support - Ergonomic Pillow for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers with Pillowcase"

"Contour Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Support - Ergonomic Pillow for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers with Pillowcase"

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Discover the Key to Quality Sleep:

  • Experience Unmatched Comfort with Our Ergonomic Pillow: Struggle with neck or back pain upon waking? Our ergonomically designed memory foam pillow offers perfect support for your head, neck, shoulders, and back, adapting to your spine's natural curve for optimal spinal alignment. This ensures a comfortable transition between sleeping positions, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a vibrant day.

  • Customizable Heights & Unique Armrest Feature: Our cervical pillow features dual height options on each side, enabling you to select the ideal elevation for your sleeping style. Additionally, innovative armrest grooves provide extra comfort, catering to all sleepers including side, back, and stomach positions.

  • Premium Slow-Rebound Memory Foam: Crafted from high-quality, CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, our neck support pillow balances firmness and softness perfectly, ensuring your head, neck, shoulders, and back muscles are relaxed whether you sleep on your side or back.

  • Soft, Breathable, and Easy-Care Pillowcase: Encased in a double-layer, high-quality pillowcase that is soft, stretchy, and machine washable. The cotton and polyester blend feels gentle against the skin, promoting a cool and comfortable sleep environment all night long.

  • Your Solution for a Better Night's Sleep: Choosing the right cervical pillow can significantly enhance your sleep quality. The DONAMA brand, trusted for years, offers pillows that have improved the sleep of many. Experience the difference with our carefully designed pillows. Note: For those with sleep disorders, please consult a healthcare professional.


Details: Experience Enhanced Sleep with Our Ergonomically Designed Memory Foam Pillow

Our contour cervical memory foam pillow features an ergonomically designed curve that evenly distributes pressure across your sleeping posture, offering firm support to your head, neck, and shoulders. This support not only helps you achieve a more relaxing sleep but also refreshes your body.

Product Features:

  • Two Heights Design: This pillow provides comfortable heights for everyone, accommodating a variety of sleeping positions.

  • High-density Memory Foam: Our pillow's memory foam offers a slow rebound, maintaining its shape and firmness over long-term use.

  • Contour Design: By maintaining your neck at an optimal height, the pillow relieves neck and spinal soreness.

  • Central Cavity: Its ARC shape matches your head's curve, facilitating smoother breathing.

  • Convex Design: Aligns with cervical spine acupoints, enhancing blood circulation and preventing stiffness.

  • Innovative Wing Design: Reduces pressure on your wrists and arms for a gentler rest.

  • Washable Breathable Pillowcase: The soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly pillowcase is also machine washable, allowing for air circulation to keep you cool throughout the night.

Warm Tips:

  1. This pillow is not a medical device and cannot treat cervical spondylosis. For medical rehabilitation use, please consult a healthcare professional before purchasing.
  2. The memory foam may emit a slight polyurethane scent initially; if sensitive, please allow 3-5 days for airing.
  3. It's normal to experience discomfort during the first week as your body adjusts to the pillow. Please allow some time for adaptation.
  4. Seasonal changes may affect the memory foam's firmness or softness, but this will not impair the pillow's function.

Package Dimensions: 15.6 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches




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